ATN THOR-HD 384 Review – Much to Offer

Atn Thor hd 384 review

The ATN ThOR- HD is accessible in four different versions in the market. However in this piece of writing we will be talking about ATN ThOR-HD 384 review in particular. All of these versions are well equipped with excellent features and attributes.

3 Best ATN THOR-HD 384 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Attributes of The ATN Thor – HD 384:

Some of the salient attributes of the ATN ThOR- HD 384 are as follows:

Smart Shooting Solution:

With this feature, the users need not to waste their time while doing things like working on complex guessing, calculations, or memorizing charts. The smart range finder of the ATN ThOR- HD 384 will do that for you.

Within only few clicks you will have speedy scope shift. You will be allowed to access your target in no time. As soon as your target is ranged in; the reticle works by adjusting its impact point. All this ends up in offering perfect shot in every manner.

Night Vision Mode:

It has perfect night vision mode that enables the users to see clearly in the darkness. It enhances the shooting experience at night or in low light circumstances. This is a useful and an attractive feature for all the hunters that like to hunt at night.

atn thorhd 384 review

Recoil Activated Video:

This is yet another neat feature of the ATN ThOR- HD 384. It does not matter if you have forgotten to record the shot; this feature will record it for you. This means that you can enjoy the hunting without getting worried about if you have pressed the record button or not.

The recoil activated video is an inbuilt feature and is capable of recording the videos during day as well as night in 1080p. Moreover, this feature allow you to go back home with your hunting and shooting videos.

Multiple Reticle Options:

The scope is equipped with a number of color options and reticle patterns. Being a user, you can choose from these in order to enhance your shooting experience.

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ATN Obsidian app enables the scope to get connected to Apple or Android smartphone with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can then watch live video streaming. Moreover, you can enjoy the features like accessing the gallery to view or share your picture. You can also email to your friends and family members.

Smooth Zone:

ATN ThOR- HD 384 scope comes with smooth zone feature that facilitates the users to clear up the closer views of things that that you will be looking at. This enhances the shooting experience in every possible manner.

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2. Pros and Cons of The ATN Thor- HD 384:

Pros and cons of the ATN ThOR- HD 384

After discussing all the features and attributes of the ATN ThOR- HD 384, let us now have a look at its pros and cons one after the other:


  • ATN ThOR- HD 384 is durable and water resistant
  • It produces clear images
  • Multiple reticle options are there for the users to choose from
  • Range finder of the scope facilitates the users in ranging the target
  • It is equipped with E-Barometer and E-Compass
  • ATN HD 384 is offered with 1080p HD micro display
  • It has inbuilt GPS that enables the users to make use of the things like elevation and geotagging
  • The microphone of the ATN ThOR- HD 384 allows the users to record the sound
  • The ATN ThOR- HD 384 can be connected with the Apple or Android Smartphone with the help of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • It has been adorned with Micro HDMI and USB ports that get the device connected to a TV or computer
  • It has a long battery life and also it has an external battery pack


  • It has complicated operations
  • A number of users have complained about unit freezing at times

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3. Accessories Offered With ATN ThOR- HD 384:

Pros and cons of the ATN ThOR- HD 384

The ATN ThOR- HD 384 is offered with a couple of accessories that are as follows:

ATN Power Weapon Kit:

This kit includes the following:

  • 20,000 mAh battery
  • A Micro USB connector
  • Rubber seal that is water resistant
  • Adjustable buttstock pouch for the battery

This kit allows the usage up to 22 hours in a continuous manner. It is easy to be recharged and facilitates the user to power the other devices as well.

ATN-X Trac:

It has a zoom roller that facilitates the users to magnify the scope with simple action. Its buttons can be used to record videos or take photos without moving hands from the weapon. This means that you can keep your eyes on the target all the time.

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To conclude the discussion, if you are looking forward to have an outstanding hunting experience then you should consider in investing in ATN ThOR 348 thermal rifle scope. It will be supported with a 3 years warranty so you can have a peace of mind that it will work for longer time period. You will be amused with possession of ATN ThOR 348 in every possible manner.

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