Things to Know About The Burris Fastfire III, 3 MOA Sight

Burris Fastfire III, 3 MOA Sight

All You Need to Know About The Burris Fastfire 3 MOA Sight:

With the introduction of the Burris Fastfire 3 Review, it can be said that the next generation of these dots has been introduced to the market. The popular site is provided to the users with upgraded features. These features include easier battery replacement, elevation adjustments, upgrade windage, and power button. This power buttons enable three brightness settings that can be carried out manually. The same button is offered with automatic setting having a low battery indicator.

The precision of Fast Fire 3 enables manual brightness adjustments. The overall red dot is offered with protective battery and overall cover. Just like the earlier versions, this FastFire III is made of steel body construction for maximum durability. It is 100% waterproof. Ultimately the CQB sight is perfect when you want to mount it on your pistol, rifle, or shotgun. It will make you happier with its forever warranty.        

The Burris FastFire III Red Dot Reflex Sight is one of the versatile red sight accessible in the market. You may mount it on the shotgun, handgun, tactical or hunting rifle for better accuracy and speedy acquisition of the target. With this, you will not have to worry about sight alignment, to find the target, and eye dominance.

All you must do is to put your red dot on the target and pull out the trigger. Being lightweight and compact in size, the Burris FastFire 3 will not affect the handling or balance. In addition to it, the red dot will offer enough eye relief, simple operation, and parallax-free 1x magnification.

Gun Fanatics, Relax and Take a Short Break!

As expensive as it is, ammo should not be wasted in the sport of shooting. With that being said, here are some important things to know about the Burris Fastfire iii with Picatinny Mount 3 MOA Sight.

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Built With High Quality:

The Burris Fastfire iii is built in such a way that when it is used, it will neither crack nor rattle. Every piece in this weapon is in its proper place. It is compact and secure, and the battery compartment can be taken in and out much easier with the use of a flat head screwdriver.  Its fiber optic helps in the gunfire range without having any of those double vision problems.

Even when seated, with the elbows on the table, in the range with two-hand grip, gun users can shoot the targets at a distance of 25 yards while the shooting device is in an un-rested angle.  The sight is maintained at a constant zero while the gun is used in an auto brightness mode.

 Burris Fastfire III, 3 MOA Sight

Dot Size:

In general, the 3 MOA dot is one of the well-known with rifles. Also, people who are fanatic about pinpoint accuracy will love this as well. In general, 8 MOA dot is renowned for the short range shooters particularly with the shotguns or the handguns.

Technological Notes:

The FastFire 3 will work perfectly with the MOS system. The scope is known to work with almost every optics ready. The screws of the Burris may not be of the correct length.

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Features of The Burris 300234 Fastfire iii:

  • The frame is durable and strong; it is made of stainless steel, aluminium, and bronze. Its versatility makes it fit mostly on any firearm such as the slide and semi-automatic pistol.
  • The Burris sight is lighter in weight and smaller in size, which makes it more compact compared to most other red dot sights being offered.
  • The Burris 300234 Fastfire 3 could be used in any weapons; its low magnification can provide a large field of view to the shooters.
  • The unit is made with multi-coating among the glass lenses to prevent scratches and abrasion with the bright sight picture.
  • It is built with a light-emitting diode that comes with altitude modifications and tool-less windage, including a top sight access to the battery.
  • There is a power button that works conveniently with three stages of auto-brightness and intensity settings.
  • The unit will give a warning if the battery is already low. Additional accessories of different tools are included such as a screwdriver, protecting cap, Torx wrench, adjusting disc, battery, and warranty as well.
  • The FastFire is waterproof. It is offered with a weatherproof roof. It is optional though and keeps the water as well as dirt away from the lens.
  • The FastFire offers 20 different mounts. Moreover, it gets fitted easily with a Glock MOS system.
  • Metal wings provide protection to the lens from unintentional abuse and impact


  • The sight is offered with Aluminum, bronze, and stainless steel, with matte black finishing.
  • The sight is provided with a Lithium battery. It includes the battery cover, wrench, mounting screws, and instruction manuals.
  • The sight is 48.2mm long, 25.4mm wide and 1 inch high.

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The Benefits Of Burris Fastfire 3

With a lightweight and small size, the unit is made to last. It has quality features of components and optics and built with a simple interface. The gun owners will have no difficulty using it as it is very versatile – it can fit most weapons – which makes it a first-class value for money. In nutshell the pros of the site include the following:

  • It is extremely versatile
  • The red dot is user-friendly
  • It is easily seen
  • Warranty is offered for the lifetime

The Disadvantages

The unit’s shade is oversized and the users will need to be familiarized with the power switch cycle. Following are the cons of the red dot sight:

  • This particular red dot sight has a smaller view of the field
  • There is no protective cover included
  • The site has several quality control issues

Package Content:

The overall package of this red dot sight includes the following:

  • It has been offered with an optional Picatinny mount however it is offered with Burris 300234 and Burris 300326 only
  • It has countersink screws with the socket head of Torx. It facilitates installation of the sight on the mounting plate
  • 1 Torx wrench to tighten the fasteners
  • 1 screwdriver
  • 1 adjusting disc
  • 1 positive cap
  • 1 3v Lithium battery

Burris Warranty Forever:

Burris amuses its customers with replacement or repairing services in case they are defected or damaged. The warranty is transferred to the future owners automatically. This means that there will be:

  • No repair or replacement charges
  • No warranty card is needed
  • There is no need for any receipt  

You need not to worry if your Burris product will be offered with this guarantee or not. It is because if it is a Burris product then this guarantee is a must to be offered with the product. The other things include are coatings, glass, scope tubes and much more.  

Is It Worth Your Money?

Burris is known to be a manufacturer of the optics since long. It is not the case with the firearms industry only. Their products have always been considered high quality, accurate, and affordable.

The series overall is durable, light in weight, and amuses the shooter with a red dot that targets quickly. Being backed by the forever warranty, it is worth spending your hard earned income without worrying.

Battery life:

Its battery life is almost 5,000 hours of life.

Which are The Users Of This Scope?

It is a perfect choice for the shooters and home defence. It is ideal for the competition shooters with its lightweight and several mounting options. So it does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced shooter, this product will serve you indeed.

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The use of the Burris Fastfire iii with Picatinny Mount 3 MOA Sight has impressed a lot of customers in terms of durability, functionality, and versatility of use with various weapons. The unit’s fiber optic front sight is helpful when aiming at a target, which makes it ideal for any sportsman in shooting and even to any gun owner who simply enjoy the hobby.

To conclude the discussion the red dot sight is a mini reflex, high quality that fulfils several purposes. It is easy to be used and shooters enjoy the experience that is trouble free with a simple design in every manner. It is worth investing money. So it does not matter if you are a beginner or experiences in using these red dot sights, you may rely on this red dot sight.

You will not regret investing money into it.Hope you link our “Burris Fastfire III Review” article. If you like and learn something from our Burris Fastfire 3 review or you get a solution to your problem then please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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