5 best scopes to mount on AK47

AK47 is a well-known platform in the whole world and the most famous rifle. This rifle is famous for its quality but on the other hand, is known for its short to medium range problem. That being said the AK is a great rifle that experiences poor stock iron sights. The AK platform can be improved by the addition of an optic. The AK is not out of the box optic prepared, but rather a side mount can be included. The series of AK rifles, 47, 74, or 100, can be easily improved by adding of a short to medium range optic as such, a best red dot sight.

There are a couple of answers on the Best red dot for AK 47 depending on your objectives.

AK 47s are famously hard to deal with however you’re looking for the best scope for AK 47, you’ll realize that it’s a similarly difficult task. If You know that the opportunity has come to update or mount a scope on your rifle to support performance and target accuracy. You simply don’t have the thought what’s the best optics to purchase. Before you go searching for the brand and model, ensure you have the correct viewpoint and see this guide first off

we will try giving you five the good extensions for AK 47 rifles. Some trust that they can be tack drivers and used for long range, accurate shooting, meanwhile others, over consigns it to a point along spray sort of tactical weapon. The simple response and the one we will be with is that everything relies upon the weapon’s nature.

There are some quality AK 47 models, and there are some low-quality models. With quality assembled rifle and one of the AK 47 scopes, that we are going to talk about, now you have a rifle which can expand your working range.

We will rapidly go through a couple of key qualities required in AK 47 rifle scopes or AK 47 scopes, and afterward, we will take a detailed tour of five scopes that we can say have a place in the category of the best scopes for AK47 rifles.

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The best AK47 Scope will be the one that full fill your requirements. To large extent, that would be a reflex sight. However, this rifle is an accurate one and always amaze people with its range.

For hunting, if you are using AK 47, you need a scope with perfect illuminated reticle and almost three to nine magnification range. The best AK 47  scopes must be lightweight & should have medium magnification.

This one is heavy and accurate scope you can find easily matches well with your AK 47. This brand and model is in the middle of the scale when it comes to affordability.

The quality of the rifle scope makes it a great deal for such a competitively priced AK47 optics. It has powerful magnification with the special reticle on green illumination.  The AK 47 optics is an ideal option for tactical and hunting with its fully multi-coated lenses that are totally fog-proof and waterproof.

The scope also comes with a special ranging reticle with the green illuminated feature to ensure accuracy even with farther ranges.

This scope has a multi-coated lens, attached with the 24mm objective lens, which gives you the proper light. The dot and circle reticle is also illuminated when needed and this scope features a controller to adjust brightness with though it does wipe out so easily in heavy light environments.
Also necessary is the 3” eye comforting which is going to create mounting more easier as the scope can be re-adjust at a convenient on that rail without any sacrificing an easy shooting.

This one is a long scope, about 10 inches, so this one is going to take up more space on AK’s rail. One of the top features of the Hi-Lux rifle scope for AK 47 is that it highlights the waterproof, shockproof and fog-proof lenses.

The  AK47 scope is fully equipped with the Eye Box Technology for better zooming action plus the moveable and adjustable turrets makes it easy to use for reliable target accuracy. -strikefire-vs-/”>’s Pro Patrol scope gives you reliable and long life term with the angle red dot feature for flawless target engagement.

There are features that made this rifle scope a remarkable choice when it comes to performance. it is a complete package where you also get a decent amount as well as a lens cover with flip flop design.

The torque-limiting knob of the scope gives it optimum secure tightness for heavy-duty combat and shooting challenges on the field. It also boasts a hard-anodized tube and a unique band-pass front lens coating to ensure night vision accuracy.

Heavy duty and reliable


If you have an AK that you want to use for some longer range shooting the is an AK47 Scope that will get the job done. This variable powered scope with a magnification range of 3-9X40mm. While this is a weather resistant scope, you might have issues with it holding its zero settings after repeated rounds through your rifle.

The zero is not knocked extremely far off settings, but for precision, long-range shooting it might be an issue.

Where this scope performs at its best is in intensive low light conditions. While quick target acquisition is never a strong point for true magnification scopes, such as this one, it does offer a clear field of view throughout the magnification range.

Another great feature of this scope and one that also adds to its use in low light settings is an illuminated reticle that can be adjusted through a range of brightness settings. It features an unlimited eye relief aspect, as well as being parallax free.

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If you’ve got an AK scope mount with a built in Weaver rail, then you can experience all the modern optics features by using this .

Maybe it is the most over demanding features of the scope. scope also good with dark vision equipment.

We are unable to think about of some other scope that has this versatility as quality. This is a lightweight scope , by ’s scopes technology, you can have an incredible eye for low to high atmospheres. With the picture quality and easy eye relief and eye box, you have few options when mounting to give you the easiest point for firing.

The brightness can easily be adjusted, making this scope that will perform work in the bright light atmosphere. This one is the most precise and great for AK 47 that we have come across.

After looking through these five best optics for AK 47 , it’s time to select top choice for the best  AK47 scope.
The scope’s quality features and its construction that will high recoil and extremely atmosphere resistant. The best scope that will work near 1X magnification as well providing long-range shooting capacity. In my views, these scopes for AK 47 you must consider.

Because of that we set the list of five scopes that are best for AK47 rifles that will have such potential to increase AK 47’s working capacity very well. The best scope for AK 47 makes all the doubts about the inaccuracy of this classic rifle. Based on our overall review, we highly recommend that compare all these five and decide your choice.

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