Why should you have a Concealed Holster? – Concealed Holster Review

Concealed Holster Review

Why Should You Even Think of Having a Concealed Holster?

Whenever it is about buying something, first thing that comes to mind is if it is affordable or not? Most of the times, decision making is dependent on the price. If the price tag does not prove to be burden on the pocket only then they invest in it.

Same is the case with holsters. First thing that strikes the mind is which the best holster is for the dollars. If you are a gun owner or you have recently purchased one; next decision in line is to see which holster you will buy for the gun.

You will find different styles and kinds of holsters in the market. However, unfortunately not most of them are ideal for concealed carry. Stop worrying because, in this piece of writing we will be talking about what is a good holster, types of these carrying i.e. ankle, inside, waistband and much more.

Why is it Necessary to Have a Good Holster?

Let us talk about certain things that a good holster is supposed to do:

  • Prevent discharge
  • Protect as well a hold the firearm
  • Prevention of loss or theft
  • Provide easy access to arms

So we may think of thing like what is there in a great concealed carry holster.

Safety Rules:

First and foremost concept is the safety. Therefore, you need to know the safety rules. If you are not aware of them then they are as follows:

  • Treat each and every weapon as if it is loaded
  • Do not point out the gun at anything that you do not want to destroy
  • Keep the fingers straight and off the trigger until you actually have intention to fire the gun
  • You need to know what your target is and what is beyond it

All of these are significant and you need to maintain all of these.

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What is a Great Concealed Carry Holster?

As it has already been mentioned there are different styles and kinds of holster on the market. Most of these are not ideal to be concealed carry as these are dangerous.

Whenever you step out to buy a holster, there are several things to be followed:

  • Strong material
  • Proper coverage of the trigger
  • Good retention
  • Protection of the handgun
  • Worthy conceal ability
  • Positive grip
  • Protection of the skin and the body of the gun

Let us now have a closer look at these requirements:

Material and The Trigger:

You will find many holsters in the market that does not cover the trigger. Therefore, it is best to have a holster that is made of sturdy material and covers the trigger. Safety of the gun is what is of the most significance. Do everything that you can to prevent the discharge.

Leather or Kydex can be a good option of the sturdy material of the holsters. Both of these offer perfect job for the protection of the trigger. There are certain kinds that have both the materials forming a Kydex shell on the top of the leather backing.

Good Retention:

A good test in this regards is to see if the gun sticks in the holster and then turn it upside down. Will it fall out?

If it comes out, retention should be adjusted or in other words you need to have a different way of carrying. The concealer must be strong enough to keep the fire arm right in its place until and unless it is tugged out for any purpose.


You will always be willing to carry your firearm in a discrete position until and unless you are carrying it openly.

Inside the waist band (IWB) holster offers a better concealment level as compared to OWB that outside the waistband.

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Holster is needed to protect your gun. You need to keep one thing in mind that at times harder materials end up causing rub marks with the passage of time. Then there are other forms that rub your skin in the wrong way. Though it is not anything really serious but they are not comfortable at all particularly when you have to carry it on day to day basis.                       


If the holster you possess does not offer you the ability to have complete grip then you need to buy another one for you. This simply means that you should be allowed to draw the gun and fire it in any position.

In other words, you may have a holster that allows you to grab the gun even with weak hand.

Brave Response Holster

This is the perfect holster that has all the above mentioned features. In addition, it is also stated here that it I not made up of traditional leather or Kydex but it has been designed keeping in mind the comfort and concealability at its best.

You will not have to clip it or hook it to your belt or boot. It is a built in waist band that easily goes around the torso giving outright concealability with no discomforts. Some of the prominent features of the Brave Response Holster are as follows:

  • It conceals better, and takes no time to take the arm out in emergency situations
  • Being a waistband holster, it can be kept as shallow or deeper concealment
  • It is sensitive to stimulate the sensations and enables the quick response

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In short, whatever type of gun you possess, you need to have Brave Response Holster for your gun. You will not repent buying it in any manner.

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