Which One is the Best Concealed Carry Holster?

Best Concealed Carry

The next decision for all after possessing a gun is to look for the holster to be bought for it. Most of the times, we see people least interested in spending handsome amount of money on holster. No doubt, market has several types of holsters but not all of these can be best for your gun. In this piece of writing we will be talking about the best concealed carry holsters for year 2018.

Belly Band Holster:

Belly band holster

This is super comfortable and highly versatile holster. It guarantees that you can draw out the gun with maximum ease.

The holster makes use of the metal buttons, clips, along with the Velcro straps that hold the holster firmly in the pants. With quick drawing strap, you will have a speedy release. All you will need to do is to pull and draw in case you need to get hold of the gun in emergency.

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Lirisy Ankle Holster For Concealed Carry:

Lirisy Ankle Holster for concealed carry

Retention is one of the attractive things about your concealed holster. It is equipped with a calf strap to that keeps the pistol in its place no matter what. Ankle holster has a comfortable design that sets it apart from the rest of the others.

It is made up of neoprene material making it softer. You will not have to worry about the comfort of the holster in this regards. Foam pads ensure that there happens no poking, pinching, or rubbing.

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ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster:

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster

This is the one size fitting all kinds of holsters. It has been made up of high quality neoprene. It makes it to be adjustable and capable of stretching to fit the belly of even 44 inches. ComfortTac is really soft and hence it can also be worn to skin in a direct manner.

Ultimate belly band holster can be worn outside the pants inside the waistband, appendix, cross draw, behind the hips and however you like or want to.

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Carry Gear Advanced Belly Band Holster (Breathable):

Carry Gear Advanced Belly Band Holster

It is one of the best concealed carry holsters. It has been designed where it can fit people of all ages up to 47 inches. Belly Band holster has been designed and created with neoprene material which is breathable. It prevents the skin from sweating and hence offers great comfort. This is perfect for all those people who need to carry their arms for longer periods of time.

CYA Supply Co IWB Hoslter:

CYA Supply Co IWB Hoslter

This is an inside waist band holster that assures a concealed carry. It has been designed keeping in mind the users. This means that it has been the material that is perfect to satisfy the needs of users. Though it is meant to fit a few of the firearms however it offers easy retention.                     

Belly Band Holster Concealed Carry Waistband With a Couple of Pouch:

This holster has been made of high quality neoprene material. It is perfect choice for high quality holster for concealed belly carry. The material is breathable and ensures the comfort of the skin without making it sweat.

It is little thick to ensure that it can take care of the gun weight in a proper manner. As neoprene is soft to the skin therefore you can carry your gun in a comfortable manner.

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Concealed Carry Holster Fitting Most of The Sizes of The Gun:

A concealed carry does not have to be drawn in a difficult manner. With this particular holster, you can draw the pistol fastest than before. To be more specific, the pistol can be drawn out 85% faster in case of any emergency attack.

It is offered with high quality retention traps well coupled with Browne Button. This makes sure that you unlock your gun in a quick way with a single finger without any noise.

Under Control Tactical:

This is one of the high quality professional holsters that have been made up of rugged nylon material. The holster works really well for the concealed carry.

It is durable, rugged and has been created to last for longer periods of time. This concealed carry has light weight with compact design. It is this that makes the holster to be handled easily and be carried for longer periods of time. As the holster is water proof, hence it ensures the gun protection in all kinds of weather conditions.

What is Distinctive About Brave Response Holster?

No doubt the above mentioned list is the kinds of holsters are pretty much useful; however, Brave Response Holster is the one that is in real demand nowadays. Most of the people find it really difficult to carry the holster in the waist band as they feel uncomfortable.

This is what makes the Brave Response Holster different and unique. It is not a holster made of Hydex or leather holster but it is specially designed keeping in mind the comfort of the users. Certain features of this specific holster are as follows:

  • It is built to offer protection to your life
  • Being a waistband holster, it can be kept in the form of deep or shallow concealment according to the pants that you wear
  • It is sensitive enough to stimulate the sensation and responds to imminent threat in no time
  • It take lesser time to be on, enables the perfect grip, and conceals in a better manner


To conclude it would be very right to say that if you want to have an extra ordinary experience with the concealed carry holster, then Brave response holster is the one meant for  you.

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