5 Best Sights For AK 47

Best sights for AK 47

Medium Range Sights For AK 47

Are you one of those shooters who are enthusiastic in this regards? If yes then you would be well aware of the fact that a rifle or a firearm without sight is heartbreaking. Other than missing your target, you also give it every reason to react or escape. Therefore, having sight is indeed a vigilant decision. It enables you to hit the target accurately and precisely.

In this piece of writing, we will be talking about the best red dot sights for an AK47 rifle. It is expected that you will be capable of making the well-informed decision after reading this.

Shopping For The Best Sight For AK 47:

When it is about investing in a good sight then the ultimate goal is to select the one that has all the features making your firearm to work like a professional. There are several options accessible in the market that claim to be the best.

Keeping the required features in mind you can end up spending for reliable and high-performance sights.

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Size And Shape Of The Dot:

Dot size and pattern is really significant rather crucial for the sight. It largely depends on the needs of the user that what suits them the best. For instance, if the dot size is really small then your eye will not be capable of picking the target easily and quickly. In the same manner, a large dot can turn the target vague and ambiguous.

Battery Life:

Majority of the dots these days are supported and backed by the batteries. This means that they are not usable with the power supply otherwise. Therefore, you need to look for the batteries that can work for thousands of hours before the battery drains out.

A sight with an automatic switch to turn off the lights is indeed a better choice when it is about saving the battery timing and life.


Sights add extra weight to your firearm and it can ultimately affect the accuracy of the shot. Therefore, you need to ensure that accuracy is not diminished and at the same time, you enjoy using an effective sight. Otherwise, if you end up buying a heavier sight it will create issues for you in handling your firearm.


Buy the sight that gives you value for the money. You should choose the sight that is sturdy and durable enough to serve you for several years.

Type Of Reticle:

The purpose of all kinds of reticles is to illuminate for easier shooting when there are lower lights. However, they do not always need to have a simple dot. They can range from simple dots to multiple points for aiming. Moreover, ensure that it is bright enough to complement your needs.

Let us now talk about the best red dot sights for AK47 that have all these above-mentioned features:

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1. Holosun HS403G Paralow Micro Red Dot Sight with T1 Mount:

This sight comes with a strong battery that offers usage of at least 50,000 hours. Also, it has an automatic switch that lights up as soon as it senses movements. It shuts off after a certain default period.

Holosun HS403G Paralow Micro Red Dot Sight with T1 Mount

It has been well adorned with battery housing on the right side in order to ensure easy access to the battery. This enables the users to change the battery easily and quickly. That why this is one of the best red dot sights for ak47.

The sight remains unaffected because of the extreme weather conditions. Good news is that this sight is offered with complete waterproof ability.

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2. Vortex Optics StrikeFire 2 SF-RG-501:

If you are a shooter who likes to hit the target professionally in splits of seconds then Vortex strikefire sight will serve the purpose of sight for AK 47 for you in every manner. In other words, it has been designed for the people who have lighting speed and perfect accuracy in their minds. This is one of the best sights for AK 47.

Vortex Optics StrikeFire 2 SF-RG-501

It offers unlimited eye relief and field of view along with the parallax free design. It allows the users to shoot quickly with both the eyes open.

If you are an adventure loving shooter then the battery of this site will be offering battery backup of 300 to 600 hours. Moreover, it also has a built-in feature of shutting off in 12 hours which enhances the sight performance.

It fog and waterproof, therefore, you need not to worry about the weather conditions.

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3. EOTech XPS2-0:

If you want to access an easy to set up sight for your firearm then you should think about buying EOTech XPS2-0 sight. It has been designed keeping in mind the first time users. It can easily be mounted on any rifle.

EOTech XPS2-0

Eotech is light in weight and compact in design to make it an easy option for the law enforcement offices and professional as well as hobby hunters.

It makes use of the single lithium battery that saves space for the magnifiers and iron sights. It offers enhanced battery life as compared to the earlier models. Hence its power will not be drained before you are done with your job.

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4. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight:

Bushnell Trophy sight has been well adorned with multi coated optics facilitating hunters in distinguishing between the target and other elements. This simply means that there will not be any issue to aim at the target when there are low light conditions.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Riflescope Review

It has been equipped with the rugged condition that makes it 100% water as well as fog proof. This will be providing you with the maximum performance in the worst weather conditions as well.

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5. Burris FastFire Red Dot Reflex Sight:

Burris sight gives an impressive speed of shooting that adds to the accuracy of the rifle. Lenses installed in the sight are there to eliminate the parallax and hence offer crystal clear image.Burris FastFire Red Dot Reflex Sight

With this sight you will not have to put in efforts to focus and aligns with the rear and front sight. It has been designed to be light in weight. It adds only 2 ounces to the firearm. With its metal construction, it offers reliable performance in the field.

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Final Thoughts:

To conclude it will be very right to say that sights serve to be the perfect addition to the rifle. The sight will augment the capability of shooting the target accurately.

Though there are several options however the best sights for AK 47 are the one that is based on your shooting goals. Any of these above-mentioned sights will serve you best.

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