Burris Fast Fire Red Dot Reflex Sight, Picatinny Mount (4 MOA) – Review

Burris-Fast Fire-Red-Dot-Reflex-Sight

Burris Fast Fire Red Dot Reflex Sight, Picatinny Mount (4 MOA) – Review:

Burris fast fire red dot reflex sight review

The Burris Fast Fire Red-Dot Reflex Sight is an amazing red dot sight for accurate and speedy firing. The small, rough and rugged steel structure is both waterproof and shockproof. Easily reliable in tough situations including an intense hunt or competition. Its fast recoil means it recovers from a shot soon and gets ready for the next shot within no time.

Burris Fast Fire Red Dot Reflex Sight aligns the front and rear sight as well as the target, for easy aiming and better hit rate.Easy focus and no fuss, small design help the user mind himself/herself with the targeting alone. No more worrying about the focus. The 1.6-ounce red dot offers more than any other sight in this price range. The battery has an unbelievable 20,000 hours life.

The efficiency of the electronics employed and battery saver mode make sure that the Burris Fast Fire Red Dot Reflex Sight offers reliable services of similar quality in the long run. The low mount may be used alone or in combination with another sight. Equipped with lenses of excellent quality which have been designed to remove parallax. Offering a clear, sharp and precise image for great shooting.


Rough Structure:

Burris fast fire red dot reflex sight has been made with stainless steel for protection. Being strong and sturdy, it can take abuse while hunting or during a competition. Picatinny rail mount for an easy mount over rifles of any type. The low mounting Burris fast fire red dot reflex sight can easily be used singly or in combination with a laser or other optics. Both the windage and elevation may be customized and locked in the desired position. Lithium battery for durable power supply.


Designed to be waterproof, fog proof as well as shockproof. Comes with a plastic hood to protect the light-sensor, helping to shift the Burris fast fire red dot reflex sight to sleep mode, when turned on for long time. An on/off button to start using/resuming the red dot. Long battery life to let the users shoot without worrying about anything.


Burris’ fast fire red-dot reflex sight is equipped with high quality 4 MOA red dot sight. The light sensor adjusts brightness levels to suit the surroundings and help achieve a crisp and clear vision. The focal points have been cleaned to disperse any parallax. Offering a wider point of aim. With only 1 x magnification, Burris’ fast fire red dot reflex sight reduces the strain from the user and allows to see the target with both eyes open.


  • Not expensive
  • Long battery life
  • Sturdy stainless steel body
  • Easy targeting
  • Quality reticle and adjustable both
  • Lesser strain on the eyes
  • Target with both the eyes open
  • Offers more accuracy and shot rate


  • Takes a lot of practice to master
  • Red dot takes longer to recoil after a shot
  • Narrow view, difficult to find red dot after a shot

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is the 8 MOA version of this product more suited to the shotgun applications? The red dot being larger for close ranges.

Answer: 8 MOA means having this range at 100 yards. Likely to work fine for the shotguns.

Question: Will the fast fire red-dot reflex sight work fine with my glock 23.3 gen?

Answer: It depends if your slide could be cut to get an optic. It won’t otherwise. The ones manufactured by the factory do not have the right cuts for the mounting

Question: Is it likely to fit onto my glock 34 mos? If so, would it mess with my rear iron sights?

Answer: Yes, the Burris fast fire red-dot reflex sight will fit on a glock 34mos. For the rear sight, you may take the help from co-witness, replacing the iron sights. This would improve the situation a lot.

Question: Does the Fast Fire II require adapter to mount over a Browning Buckmark rail mount?

Answer: No, it does not need an additional adapter. The Browning Buckmark alone is good enough. The Burris fast fire can easily mount over Picatinny and Weaver. Though the Burris fast fire red-dot reflex sight does come with four adapters for better adaptability. The adapters may be turned upside down to adjust the fittings.

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  • Ditta:

Decided to buy this product after a previous failure with another one. Everything is great so far. I use it mounted over a Burris MTAX scope. The zeroes are still not lost, the brightness is sufficient for daytime shooting and the recoil is superb, just what I wanted.

  • Richard J. Holloway:

The sight delivers on the expectations. I am just not too happy with the fact that I need to remove it from its base whenever the battery needs to be changed. It required a re-sighting once the battery was changed, not something you want during a match. If only I had spent a few more bucks to buy the Fast Fire III.

  • Bryan:

This happens to be among the best red dots available in this price. It is easy to mount, easy to use and the zero is steady. I use for an S&W .22 pistol and it’s so much fun to shoot with that. Feels like cheating.

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The Burris fast fire red-dot reflex is a tiny compact sight, which tends to enhance the speed and precision manifolds. The streamlining of the front and rear sight, and the target has made things simpler and much easier to understand. Helping to make better and quicker decisions as well as getting more shots within a limited time. The sight lets users have a better experience without the need to lose focus on adjustments.

Metal housing is safe and long lasting, can take the hit without damaging it. Safety precautions incorporated in design and a limited warranty to ensure safety. Amazing reticles, high grade material and detailed polishing to eliminate parallax. The Burris fast fire red-dot reflex offers great vision and reduces the stress on eyes. Reliable battery for long-term use. Rail mount with multiple bases to suit a range of rifles and shotguns. All in all, a great purchase for a reliable equipment.

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