Vortex SPR-1303 Spitfire EBR-556B Reticle Review

Vortex SPR-1303 Spitfire Sight Review

The Vortex Prism Shockproof Spitfire 3x Scope has been ideal for fast target acquisition, as well as close to average-range target shooting. These Red Dot Sights engineered at Vortex result in a rugged, ultra-compact package.

The Design:

The Vortex Prism Shockproof Spitfire 3x Scope Reticle is packed with a DRT or Dual Ring Tactical reticle on the prism for consistent aiming with red or green light of intensity levels of five to match varying conditions.  The ‘Vortex Spitfire Fogproof 3x Prism Scope has a prism-inspired design with an optical system that is compact.

The ‘Vortex Spitfire’ is available in 1-x and 3-x variants with a shiny finish. It is shockproof and made to endure recoil from serious cartridges such as 7.62 NATO. The scope is designed with a single piece chassis that minimizes the optics robustness.

Additionally, it has two short sections of the rail for mounting an offset optic as well as a miniature red dot. The rails are also removable to lessen its overall weight. The image through the lenses is clear and the reticle is imprinted directly into the prism. This is ideal to use in daylight when batteries die but not for low light situations.

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Why Read The Manual?

However, the reticle is complicated and it is highly encouraged to read the manual that comes with it. The optic does include a nitrogen gas purging that helps prevent it from fogging up inside. The glass is fully multi-coated and the lens is anti-reflective while the internal coating to augment light transmission.

It is easy to mount the spitfire using its factory mount. The reticle performs similar to the ACOG so the holdovers or crossbar starts large and becomes smaller as it descends. There are four crossbars at 15 inches and range from 200 yards at the longest or top to 500 yards at the smallest or bottom crossbar. For close range shooting, use a circle reticle form the Eotech by simply filling the reticle circle with the target and pull the trigger.

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The Key Features:

Vortex SPR-1303 Spitfire EBR-556B Reticle Feature

The ‘Vortex Spitfire’ optic weighs 12.2 ounces with 32mm objective lens and 5.5 inches. It includes one CR 2032 battery, five separate settings for battery life which depends on the brightness of the reticle, with up to 250 hours on the brightest setting and 3,000 hours on the dimmest setting.

The reticle is green and includes a bullet holdover and range finder for up to 500 yards. The lenses are fully multi-coated with anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces for light transmission increasing.

The optics are sharp, has a prism-based design that can be used with visible or without illumination. It is sealed with o-ring seals and is water resistant. Nitrogen gas in the optic makes it Fogproof and rugged construction enables it to withstand recoil. It is designed with varying heights for mounting; lower ½ Co-witness height of 40.4 mm from center to base surface of the optic and removing mounting riser for lower 30mm mounting height.

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  • When in use, the reticle is bright and when set in any setting is engraved into the prism.
  • Superb battery life, simple BDC or rangefinder, and efficient
  • Offers different mounting options using the accessory rails
  • Crystal Clear Lenses
  • Affordable price, excellent value


  • Optic is water-resistant but not water-proof
  • Heavier than ACOG 4 x 32
  • Takes up a lot of rail space

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Final Thoughts:

‘Vortex Spitfire 3x Prism Scope’ is a great optic at an affordable price. It gets tough work done for police use as well as competitions. Vortex Spitfire is a dependable optic useful for self-defense and real-life tactical situations. It will not disappoint.

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