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Sig Sauer Romeo 3 Miniature With Riser 1x25mm 3 MOA Red Dot Reticle Graphite Review

Sig Sauer Romeo 3 Miniature 3 MOA Red Dot Review

This 2 miniature reflex is made for the quick and perfect sight and can be fixed on rifles and shotguns easily. This is a durable product which can help to target the concern thing with the specific red dot pointed on that. Well constructed and managed with its fantastic style and use. It provides the clear picture of the target with a long distance.

Sig Romeo 3 Miniature Reflex Sight With Riser 1x25mm 3 MOA Red Dot Reticle Graphite:

The perfection comes first in any product or device or tool so this is made for the perfection in the work even any type of need. This is quite easy to maintain during the use because of its light weighted feature. It can be perfectly fit on the shotguns and rifles and pistols. This is a durable product for the perfect use and the point of the target is cleared by its red dot.

Design and Features of the Product:

This product is perfectly designed for the best use of the shooters for targeting the enemy from a long distance. Its best feature is MOTAC which helps in seeing the target when it comes before the rifle because it protects the battery timing when the target move it turns on the sight and when there is no any motion it turns off. It also has 3MAO red dot which helps in shooting and makes it easy.

A deep review of the features of Sig Sauer Romeo 3 Miniature Reflex Sight with Riser 1x25mm 3 MOA Red Dot Reticle Graphite:

  • It is a light weighted perfect aircraft grade with CNC aluminum.
  • It is a waterproof product at least up to 1 meter.
  • It turns the sight on with motion and off when no motion appears.
  • Its overall weight is only 1.2 pounds.
  • It needs 1 CR 2 batteries.
  • A perfect and durable product with 3 MOA red dot.

The prominent features of the product are:

Sig Sauer Romeo 3 Miniature 3 MOA Red Dot Review

Well Mannered Construction

The construction of the product is well mannered because of it’s on and off stance. As it get the motion the sight turns on and in no motion it got off. So the shooter feels comfortable while using this device.


Flexibility of the product is the 3 MAO red dot features which make it easy in shooting and targeting. This device is usable not only for rifles but for the pistols and shotgun too. This is overall flexible to use in different situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this include the 1.41 inch riser?

A: Yes it comes with the product in the box.

Q: When used on a sig mpx, will this optic co witness with the factory sights? if so, what type of riser is needed to do so?

A: It does co witness on my gen 2 MPX. The riser needed is included with the Romeo 3.

Sig Romeo 3 Customer’s Reviews 

  • This is an excellent product at a good price, especially as both height risers were included. – KKTex
  • It works perfectly on Beretta 1301T 12guage. – Mike
  • I own several red dots and this is the one I like best, so far. However, it isn’t perfect. – Douglas

Ending Remarks

By discussing all the above discussion it can be said that the Sig Romeo 3 is best in every way of use. This is not only used for the big tools but also usable with pistols. Overall this is a best device.


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