Guide To Buying Tactical Rifle Optics

Guide To Buying Tactical Rifle Optics

When it is about evaluating the tactical scope, the foremost thing to be considered is how you will use it. Though it is clear however not an easy thing. Optics is different based on their usage. Hence all the optics are created on an equal basis. Even if we talk about the reputable brands they do not create similar optics.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to having the rifle optics for you, then, first of all, you should think about how you will be using it. Once the purpose of the optics is clear, consider the options accessible in the market related to tactical rifle optics.

Top tactical scopes

1. Leupold Mark 4 MR/T 2.5-8X3.6mm:

The Mark 4 is one of the legendary lines of tactical rifle optics offered by the Leupold. The glass used in it is clear with diamond coating enabling the light to go through which leads to crispy image at its best. The Index Lens System with specific wavelength lens coating. It has been designed to optimize the low light wavelength transmission.

The company claims that this system reduces the diffusion and unwanted glare through the lens edges. It ensures the better resolution, superior optical performance, and improved contrast.

The Mark 4 has been equipped with illuminated reticle. It is rugged just the way any other scope is. It is waterproof. Internally it is filled with Krypton and Argon gas eliminating the thermal shock effects.

The tactical rifle optic has 90-MOA of elevation adjustment and windage. The adjustments work perfectly and easily operated. This is a great scope that has an extreme reputation. It comes with flip open lens covers. Consequently, for whatever reason your scope breaks, it is offered with a lifetime guarantee. You will get the new one immediately.

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2. Trijicon ACOG TA31-H:

The reliability and durability that comes with this tactical rifle optics are nearly impossible to be met and beaten. It is legendary because it is high-quality optic with illuminated reticle. It does not rely on battery power.

The ACOG is offered with several options to ensure that you are getting the customized needs. It is accessible in different colors such as yellow, red, and green optics.

The only negativity with this tactical rifle optic is short eye relief. However, you will not notice an issue when you stand. This issue becomes obvious when you are shooting in awkward postures.

Last but not the least is that there are no designations for windages that are held beyond 100 meters. This tactical rifle optic is perfect when you need it for medium range usage. In other words, this optic is perfect for the people who look forward to an AR rifle optical offering versatility and capable of working when there are close quarter battles.

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3. US Optics ST-10 Mil GAP FFP illuminated Reticle 10x37mm Rifle Scope:

It is a fixed powered 10x magnification scope. It amuses the users with a simple scope that is durable and with great clarity. This is indeed a straight optic that is well made and really simple to be used. The model is accessible with MRAD and mildot reticle adjustments. It is usually the favorite combination. However, you can have it with various other options with different combos according to your needs and requirements.


The objective lens of 37mm offers plenty of light to be in and precise adjustments have been made possible with EREK knob. The features of MIL GAP reticle along with ½ MIL hash marks work perfectly in a clean display. This is indeed a tier 1 scope. The internal construction and tracking are really good. Though it is not cost effective but looking at the features that it offers, it can be said that it is inexpensive.

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4. ELCAN SpecterDR Dual Role Military Tactical Weapon Sight:

This optic is used by the US as well as Canadian military for several good reasons.  The best functionality is the ability to go from 1X to 4x by moving the lever. At 1x the Specter functions like standard red dot while at 4x, the reticle changes. It becomes useful 4x scope.

ELCAN SpecterDR Dual Role Military Tactical Weapon Sight

The eye relief is 2.75” which is comfortable for most of the positions. Detailed specs can be accessed here. The scope is heavy when it is at 22.7 ounces. The scope has been built in the heft of the device.

The bad news is that it is really expensive. In case you are looking forward to having best tactical rifle optic and price is not an issue for you then you should possess this one.

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So now next time when you step out to look for the tactical rifle optics then now you have enough information about which one to be bought. It is again suggested that you look at what are your expectations and requirements of your optic and then decide which of the tactical rifle optics to be bought.

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