How Do Holographic Sights Work?

Holographic Sights

Holographic sights have been pretty much popular with shooters as they are capable of giving the ability to shooter to lock in the target quickly. It does not even matter if position of shooter’s head is aligned with the sight or not.

If a conventional optical scope is in use, then the shooter needs to get his eye aligned with the scope if the reticle is placed right over the target. In case both are not aligned properly then the reticle of the scope is not positioned to the point as the gun.

With a holographic sight, the reticle keeps the sight right on the target wherever the weapon is pointed. When you will move the gun right or left, the reticle moves along but remains on the point of the aim.

How it Works?

Unlike what is seen through conventional scope, whatever you seen through a holographic sight is actually not real. It is basically the view’s reconstruction. The reticle you can see is not the sight actually. However, it is just the protection of a reticle’s image.

Reconstitution of the Light:

Holography process involves reconstructing of the light waves that are reflected from the objects. Light is spectrum of waves. Holographic sight codifies the patterns of wave that are reflected from the wave patterns and are illuminated by the lasers while reconstructing these patterns. As a result user gets the three dimensional image of the target’s view.

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Examples of Holographic Sights:

1. Eotech 512.A65 Tactical Holographic Weapons Sight:

EOtech 512 review

It is one of the best military grade tactical weapon sights accessible in the market. This product is extremely valuable if you are willing to enjoy close combat encounters. It has been equipped with glass lamination that is placed in the rear part. Internal lens is designed to be water proof and eliminates fog as well. It is powered with 2 AA batteries.

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2. EoTect XPS-0:

EoTect XPS-0

It is one of the compact sights and has been designed with the help of EOTech square lens. It is a second generation holographic sights with a circle dot reticle. This device is amuses the users with quick target Acquisition and precise shooting. Weight is only 9 ounces that is less than 512.A65.

Optic lens is surrounded by a hood made of aluminum. This serves as a protective layer and at the same time eliminates the glare in the brighter conditions. The optic that is used is crystal clear with a wide view field. It has been designed for military grade aluminum with rigidity and handles the powerful weapons. Some of the drawbacks of this sight include lack of night vision, highly priced, and lesser juiced 123 lithium batteries.

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Another useful product in this regards is the concealed holster to protect the weapons carefully. So if you are working for any military agency or any armed forces, or you are willing to possess arms then these holographic sights and holsters will facilitate you in best possible manner.

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