Top 10 Deer Hunting Tips


It does not matter if it deer hunting season or not. If you are a hunter then you must be thinking of what makes your deer hunting season a success. This piece of writing will hopefully facilitate you in making this season be a joyful and full of success at hunting. Underlined have been top 10 deer hunting tips.

Scent Control

You should never underestimate the significance of scent control and wind direction while on hunt for the deer. They have very sensitive defense systems that facilitate then in alerting them to their predators including you.

Are you thinking that you will just end up in woods with smoldering red dangling from your lips, randomly picking a tree stand to hunt and you were the luckiest one to be successful? No doubt, there can always be a story.

However, this is the approach that is not all set up for success in the hunting. If you are willing to enhance your chances of taking a deer, then you need to ensure that you are invisible to them as much as possible. This is the reason why it is always suggested to be extra ordinary careful with the scent control in this list of top 10 deer hunting tips.

Do You Smell Good Or Bad?

Just face the fact that you stink. You may be a person practicing good hygiene however the fact is that, to a deer you are nothing more than a foul odor. You must be loved more for taking shower daily and using sweet smelling soaps however, when you step out to hunt a deer, then you must be extra careful with the smelling part. In other words, it’s like smelling nothing.

You can easily access several products that enable the hunters to be clean without smelling like a perfume commercial. Making use of the scent free soap before going in the words is the right step in the right direction. But then again, there is much more than this that you can do.

What about the towel that you used to dry off? Does it smell like a garden of roses? Just think of the fact where you took shower with a scent free soap but immediately dry off with a towel having mountain fresh fragrance. Hence take care of the scents on the bath towels as well. Your success in deer hunting depends on it.

Clothe Your Body With Nothing

This means literally nothing. This means that once you have taken shower with scent-free soap followed by a scent free towel, you need to wear clothes that are scent-free. There are scent-free laundry detergents out there to make a selection from. Washing the hunting clothes with the help of baking soda is pretty much useful.

When you dry the clothes do not add a sweet-smelling dryer sheet. When you don’t wear your hunting clothes, they must be stored in a tote or a bag where they remain scent free.

The Right Hunting Gear

One of the most significant parts in controlling the scent is to ensure that you are wearing the hunting clothes according to the type of weather while hunting deer. Rule of thumb is that you wear something that does not make you sweat. In case, the weather forecast tells it to be the hot weather, hence sweat will definitely be your guest and not your friend at all. As soon as the skin’s bacteria begin to break down the sweat body odor is produced. This is something that we have already talked about it how much sensitive these white tails are with the smell thing.

Even if the weather is cold, wearing too much clothes particularly in a long walk to hunt a deer can end up in sweating. It will not only make you stink but also you will end up in a very cold day once your body cools down. One of the ways in this regards is to prevent the sweating by dressing up lightly on cold days while walking the deer hunt. In the beginning, you may feel cold but as you will walk your body will be warm and hence you will be in a position to have a long sitting.

Avoid Food Before Hunting:

Quick stop at a restaurant before hunting may lead to hunger pains. It may also undo all kinds of scent control preparation that you might have taken up to this point. Try eating banana, apple, or granola bar instead.         

Make Wind Your Friend:

Ignoring the direction of the wind can be one of the biggest mistakes that can be made by you as a hunter. Deer being really sensitive about the smell, it is highly suggested to you to be familiar with the deer patterns on the hunting property. You must know wherever the feeding and bedding areas are along with the routes that these white tails take. When you know about the wind direction you need to avoid it carrying your scent to them. Stay down the wind of where the deer are most significantly.

Do Not Allow Your Deer Stand Give You Away



It is not at all enough to know where the deer is on the hunting property. You need to be sure that what stand placement will be like in the day time while hunting.

Aim For Low Scores:

When it is about coming down to the deer hunting, then you must be willing to be where there are deer. You might have worked a lot in order to ensure that you can predict the deer however at the same time you need to ensure that you are unpredictable as well. In case you are lazy and you become predictable to deer then you will not be a success.

Don’t Allow The Technology To Bust You:

Communication, when you are out there to hunt, will come in your way. Earlier, the high tech hunting meant to use a walkie-talkie along with an earpiece. Now it has been replaced with cell phones enabling you to text your friends and family, sending them videos and pictures etc. At the same time hunting for the deer and it would not make sense at all. Just think of the fact that you busted the deer only because you were more considerate towards twitter, Facebook and Instagram etc than to the deer.If you will give up this many chances to deer then you will end up with nothing in your hands.

Take the Ethical Shot:

It does not matter if it is with a gun or a bow; you need to take an ethical shot on the deer and be a responsible deer. Ethical shot is defined as the quickest and cleanest possible killing. This requires practice, as well as patience.

At times, it also needs the ability to pass up the shot that is not an ideal one in any manner. It is just a part of being a disciplined hunter. Will you be able to success in a quick and clean kill? You may not. Doing so may mean learning something which has not been done by taking ethical shots.

Whatever the case may be, you need to do your best to learn from others, as well as from your personal experience ending up taking the most ethical shot possible. No doubt, there are a lot more deer hunting tips that are there to be shared. Hopefully these 10 above mentioned tips may be helpful in adding to your knowledge along with an insight about how to improve the strategy for hunting and may enhance the rate of hunting success.

It does not matter if you are an experienced hunter or just a beginner, these tips will work equally for you. Keep these things in mind before you step out for hunting and you will enjoy the hunting in every manner.

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