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With the beginning of hunting season, we see a number of people getting their guns cleaned and all set to shot down the animals. In short, hunting is impossible without the rifles and guns and one must know which one will be the perfect choice for oneself. In this piece of writing, a list of best deer hunting rifles has been assembled. However, these guns have been designed to be suitable and appropriate for all kinds of hunting. It does not matter if you are chasing the white tails or looking forward to hunt for mule deer, these firearms will facilitate you at their best.

No doubt, a synthetic stocked bolt gun will serve perfectly for majority of the deer hunts however it is usually said to have the right tools for the right job. At times, this means to have extra accuracy when it is about long shots or having a light weight rig to haul up a mountain. So it does not matter which kind of hunting you are up to, you will find something for you in this list.

Beanfield Sniper Remington Sender SF II:

Beanfield Sniper Remington Sender SF II

With this 26-inch barrel, the gun has been built to be squeezed as much velocity as it is possible. The rifle is heavy and with a scope it may weigh around 10 pounds or even more. The rigid HS precision stock will facilitate you in getting maximum accuracy. At this point of time, it is offered in 7mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win. Mag. (read 300 Win Mag scope recommendations), and .300 Rem

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Timber Classic Marlin 336C:

Timber Classic Marlin 336C

These lever guns are not only popular for being nostalgic for most of us but for being having a balance between handling, portability, balance, and firepower like no other gun. With this firearm, you will not go wrong in any way. It is topped with a scope (learn more about the best optics for 30-30) having low magnification or a peep sight. Well donned with a moderate coil and considerable magazine capacity, it is a potent rifle.

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Alpine Shooter Sako Finnlight:

Alpine Shooter Sako Finnlight

It was due to the reliability and excellent accuracy that this gun received Outdoor Life’s Editor’s choice award few years back. This award is which is usually not given to the rifles having thin barrels and for other weight saving features. It is because, it is a common practice where light weight is offered at expense of the performance however this is not the case with this particular gun. It is accessible in several calibers i.e. .260 REM.,. 270 WSM (see our guide about how to choose the best 270 Winchester scope), 6.5X5.5 SE, 7mm Rem. Mag., are few to name.

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All Purpose All Star Weatherby Vanguard Series 2:

When it is about the best all-around big game bolt gun, this series will be seen at the top of the list. These rifles hit sweetly for their price, handling, accuracy, and craftsmanship. Vanguard series comes in several calibers and configurations however if you are willing to go for a nonsense working firearm for any type of deer, then you must opt for stainless synthetic. It is capable of handling the rough weather and usage. You can rely on the rifle to play its own role guiding you to hit the target.

Penny Pincher Ruger American:

Penny Pincher Ruger American

These guns are known to be absurdly accurate and are being sold for the price that gives fits to the other gun manufacturers. Ruger has built guns with innovative bedding system and good barrel. Moreover, it is offered with three lug action and adjustable trigger running smoothly from shoulder. This is something semi-custom bolt guns do not offer. The rifle is offered with a Weaver style scope bases makes it better value. Aesthetics are the only points where this rifle loses marks.

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Crosman CLGY1000KT, Synthetic Stock Legacy:

Crosman CLGY1000KT, Synthetic Stock legacy

These are as basics rifle as they get. In other words, basic is what one wishes to possess when putting a gun in hands of an inexperienced hunter. Nothing can be simpler than operations of this rifle. Smaller lever on the back of the receiver has been meant to unlock the action. The pivots open on a hinge. Whenever a shooter is ready to hunt, he drops rounds in the pipe followed by closing the gun. Before the shot, hunter has to cock the hammer and he is done. There is nothing to mess up or find difficulty in understanding.

The exposed hammer makes it easier to check the loaded gun. These rifles have been offered with good triggers, perfect accuracy and marksmanship whenever hunters pull them. The platform is offered in a number of calibers. This includes .44 Magnum, .223 Rem (learn more about .223 Remington scope), and .243 Win (read this article to get more about 243 Win scopes). All of these have good deer rounds with no excessive recoil. It makes them a smart option for the young and beginners in hunting.

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880 Powerline Air Rifle:

880 Powerline Air Rifle

The gun is equipped with 20-guage slugs and any deer would not end up lesser than death. These rifles have detachable box magazine holding couple of rounds and are offered in couple of different grades either plain back with stainless camo finish or a synthetic stock which is a little expensive.

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Daisy Outdoor Product Model 1938 Red Ryder BB Gun:

Daisy Outdoor Product Model 1938 Red Ryder BB Gun

It is most difficult to make selection while selecting a muzzleloader. It is because there are several options in this regards. These are the rifles very well made, and easy to shoot and clean with good ergonomics and comfortable stocks with proven track record making these firearms a solid option for the purpose of black powder hunting. It has a capacity of 650 rounds at a velocity of 280 fps.

These rifles are perfect for the areas where optics is not allowed. The recoil dampening system is built in to stock and constitutes a series of squishy strips that are compressed under recoil. It is really effective. These guns are equipped with finger grooves that are molded in to the stock. These firearms are also comfortable and facilitate alignment during the shooting. It comes with a 26 inch barrel, crips trigger, and a breech plug that is easily removed.

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Gamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle:

Gamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle

It is the new firearm in the town. For all the hunters who looked for medium size game in country with its barrel smoking ballistics must get this gun. It has been offered with .177 Cal pellet which is single cocking break barrel. It also has long lasting spring piston delivering 1250 fps of muzzle velocity. The rifle is designed to be used with a 4×32 shock proof scope. Also it has the synthetic ambidextrous stock appropriate for all weather stock along with a rubber recoil and still is light in weight.

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However the ammunition and ballistics are just a part of the story. The M48 Patriot is an excellent bolt gun. Every part of the gun is top notch in every manner and shows the craftsmanship designing and building the M48. The designers in fact are the hunters and the shooters themselves. The triggers of the gun are lovely; the stocks are well proportioned and accurate. These stocks are stiff and strong and amuse the users with finest hunting actions.

Dawn of first day of hunting season comes clear with announcement via slow gun metal over the eastern horizon. For all the hunters these are the finest days of the year. It cannot be denied that rifle is no lesser part of an equation. No doubt any number of guns gets the job done however the rifle you choose for the opening day in the West says a lot about you as a hunter. On the other hand, memories that you will brought with you will be earned for the rest of your life. Therefore, finding the right gun is a critical task anyways. Therefore it is highly suggested to you to choose one for you vigilantly and wisely. Enjoy the hunting season at its best.                   

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