EoTech 512 Review

EOtech 512 review

Before starting the EoTech 512 review, I would be suggested to you to imagine the first person shooter game, counter strike or CS-GO somehow coming to life and you being right at the heart of the action. It is a kind of situation where this EoTech 512 will perform perfectly in every manner.

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Design And Features of EoTech 512:

Military grade type performance:

Yes it has been well equipped with the light weight of the device. It is a comfortable 10.9 ounces that fits well in to a total volume size of 5.4 width, 2 inches length, and 2.25 height. It simply means that a man of standard size can make use of it by placing both the hands on it.

Rear Facing Window:

Design And Features of EoTech 512

This window has been equipped with a shatter proof glass laminate with 3 inches and over thickness. Knowing this it is usually thought that it would have added to the weight however the company managed it well and it is not heavy weight at all and it remained under 11 ounces.

Fog and Water Proof:

As its internal lenses are properly sealed hence the sight has been made fog and water proof. It can be submerged up to 10 feet deep and still it would work great.


How can EoTech 512 review be considered complete without talking about its price?

Sturdy Built:

Aluminum capsule is there offering shelter to the internal electronics well protected with the help of a resinated filling. It not only offers physical durable sight but it is capable of shock absorbent and prolongs the electronics functionality.


The reflex sight makes use of the 2 standard AA batteries. This is one of the many reasons why it offers holographic sights to its users.

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Functionality of EoTech 512:

Weapon sight is yet another attractive feature to be discussed in the EoTech 512 review. This weapon sight is perfect when one wants to get a sight that offers versatility well combined with great performance and perfect accuracy. If proximity combat was something average for a gun enthusiast on street then this sight would have been more popular.

EOtech 512


  • It has military grade quality
  • It has been well facilitated with electronically aided precision
  • 512 is light weight and durable
  • It is shock absorbent and pretty much robust
  • It is water proof and can be submerged up to 10 feet
  • The optic has 20 brightness settings range
  • It makes use of the easily accessible 2AA batteries
  • To provide practical safety this optic is shatter proof


  • The optic offers no night version
  • Inconsistency of reticle causes varied performance however it is still worth paying

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What Exactly EoTech 512 Delivers?

It offers a military grade speed in target acquisition and precision, largest variety of brightness level one would ever need, unlimited eye relief and so on.

It has been well equipped with twenty brightness settings that are good both in bright as well as low light conditions. EO-tech 512 is well taken care with help of an integrated microprocessor. It offers automatic battery level monitoring therefore you will not have to stop to check the power supply.

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Also the weapon sight has been equipped with automatic shutdown function that offers you an adjustment without any additional tools.

Picatinny Rail:

Let us now talk about the picatinny rail in EoTech 512 review. This optic can easily be attached with picatinny rail. However as it is a holographic device therefore it does not have any magnification.

In other words, this means that there will not be any compensation for the issues with the vision.


Reticle of the EoTech 512 also features certain fluctuations however it is pretty much innovative in appearance.

Night vision:

This sight does not amuse the users with the night vision. Also you will not need to have it in case you are looking at the holographic sights in particular. It is also worth stating here that this optic is no bad in low light conditions.

This EoTech 512 review will now talk about the pros and cons of EoTech 512:


This EoTech 512 review is concluded with the verdict that it is one of the best holographic sights available in the market when everything is considered. Compared with other sights, none else offers the same features and services the way this specific optic facilitates its users.

In other words, if you are looking forward to possess a sight that won’t burden your pocket then EoTech 512 should be at the top of your list.

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