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Vortex® SPARC AR Red Dot Rifle Scope

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    Simple-fast-effective-point and shoot. When you boil it down, those are the advantages of a Red dot sight. And that's what the SPARC AR delivers - all in a durable, lightweight, compact, and ultra-clean package.

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    Nitrogen gas purging with o-rings-seals delivers Fogproof, waterproof performance

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    What Is so Special about Brave Response Holster?

    A lot of people find it difficult to carry a standard holster in the waistband that feels bulky, uncomfortable and is quite hard to carry. These problems literally turn off many officers. And that is what makes Brave Response Holster unique because it is not your usual leather and Kydex holster. Rather, it is specifically designed after keeping concealability and comfort in mind.

    The most important quality of a Brave Response Holster is that you don’t have to hook or clip it to your boot or belt. Just like a belt, the built in waistband of the brave response holster goes around your torso and give you absolute concealability with zero discomforts.

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    Science Behind Reflex sight

    All you need to know about how sights work, in less then 5 Minutes


    Reflex scopes work by means of a lens or an image-forming bent mirror with a glowing or reflective overlay image or reticle at its focus, generating an optical collimator that produces a virtual image of that reticle.

    The spitting image is bounced off some form of slanting beam splitter or the moderately silvered collimating curved looking glass itself so that the viewer will see the image at the focus of the collimating optics superimposed in the sight's field of view in focus at ranges up to infinity.
    That is the main concept of some of the Best reflex scope in the world.


    The idea of a reflex sight or reflector scope initiated in 1900 with Irish optical designer and telescope maker Howard Grubb in patent No.12108.

    Grubb was conceived of his "Gun Sight for large and small Ordnance" as a better other to the difficult to use iron sight while avoiding the telescopic sight's incomplete field of view, greater apparent target speed, parallax errors, and the danger of keeping the eye against an eye stop.
    These were some basic concerns of Grubb when thinking about creating the best Reflex sight in that era.

    Sight Reviews

    Red Dot VS Reflex sights

    Common Features of

    Reflex scopes

    • Best reflex sights use an LED, which emits a beam of light, that is reflected inside the sight to create illuminated aiming point.
    • Majority of reflex scopes are always tube-shaped.
    • Holographic sights use a laser diode that illuminates an image on a special holographic film sandwiched between two layers of glass at the front of the sight.
    • LED used in reflex sights consumes far less power than the laser used in holographic sites.
    • Holographic sights can be made with perfectly clear glass, thus providing a brighter, clearer image with more definition.

    Common Features of

    Red Dot scopes

    • Red dot sight is generally used for any type of non-magnified sight with an illuminated red dot reticle.
    • Some of the red dot sights use green dots as aiming points.
    • Red dot scopes or Electronic scopes are non-magnified.(some models have 2x magnification)
    • These Sights are also parallax free, which means, the aiming point will be in the same position no matter how or at what angle you look through the sight.
    • Electronic sights or Red dot sights are designed for short to mid-range shooting

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